Career Alternatives in Nursing: The Only Option Left for Nurses?

happy nurse2

So many nurses these days are searching for career alternatives in nursing. In the nursing profession it is common for you to feel burnout, overwhelm, exhaustion and stress at one, some or multiple points during your nursing career. Trust me, I know from experience. If you can relate to nursing fatigue you may have started to consider your options.

Is nursing for me? Can I find an alternative career option as a nurse? What’s next for me?

As a faithful reader, you know that I am all about finding and doing what makes you happy. If you’re a new blog reader, welcome. And to get to know me you might want to check out this post I’ve written about nursing career enjoyment.

On another note, being happy in nursing roles may or may not have to do with switching jobs and finding career alternatives. Is it the nursing job that’s weighing you down or is it how you show up to work? What’s inside really does matter and impacts heavily on what’s happening outside. I’ve also written to the fact that the grass may not always be greener on the other side.

To sum it up, it sounds like we have options.

We can:

  • Stay where we are: happy or not, and deal with it (not a fun option);
  • We can make a change to an alternative nursing career without doing the inner work (may not be sustainable);
  • We can shift our inner perspectives to enjoy our external environments (nursing from within) and then make a healthy and clear decision.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with what each and every nurse can do: bring more joy, levity and fun to their nursing roles. The nursing profession is serious work; at the same time we don’t have to work too seriously. Smiling, feeling good and bringing laughter and play to the workplace can lift up any nursing career.

One of my dear friends and holistic nursing colleagues shares an inspirational and fun YouTube video. You all know I love to dance. So get up out of your seat and join Susan Rose as she brings back the spirit of nursing. Susan truly is an inspiration for nurses everywhere.

What do you think? Leave a comment or reaction below. How will you bring more joy, enthusiasm and fun into your nursing profession today? Enjoy your health today. Thank you for reading. And go ahead and share this post of inspiration for nurses with your friends and colleagues.


  1. Marti Hansen says

    Whew! I love it! If that doesn’t wake one up and get them in a positive mood, nothing will. I was able to interject my city where I work and it fit perfectly. It certainly would get me ready to face the day (or night) with a song in my heart. I love to sing on my way to work and this is a great example of a song that fits what lies ahead. Although it would be difficult to do, I DO hope that Susan keeps her hands on the steering wheel while singing and dancing! LOL! Thanks for the inspiration and a great video.

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