As Nurses, We Need Reiki Research

When I begin to talk about Reiki Practice, I can get a whole host of reactions. From complete acceptance to total disbelief, the response to Reiki and nursing is all over the spectrum. And I get that. As a scientifically logical person with a strong … [Read more...]

Reiki Radio Kicks Off with the Reiki Share Project

reiki share pojrect

The Reiki Share Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.¬†Through sharing the gift of Reiki, the organization¬†hopes to empower others as they journey toward healing and balance in their daily lives. The Reiki Share Project is dedicated to … [Read more...]

Appreciate Nursing Success

4d cycle

I was in a meeting last week and it felt like last year. Literally. The group of nurses was sitting around our committee table discussing an issue with how nursing research gets tracked and disseminated. We had the exact same conversation a few … [Read more...]

Parts of the Nursing Practice Puzzle All Fit Into Place


Often there are things in our nursing careers that we would like to wish away. Some of the tasks, skills or requirements that nurses must complete can become tedious, boring or even overwhelming and annoying. However each piece is part of the puzzle … [Read more...]