Penelope Quest, MSc, BA, Cert.Ed. Joins Reiki Radio


Penelope Quest, MSc, BA, Cert.Ed, is an internationally renowned Reiki Master and Author who has been teaching workshops on healing, personal growth and spiritual development in Britain for more than twenty years.  She is the author of five … [Read more...]

Is it Ever Silent in a Nursing Career?


Silence. Ha! I bet you read the title of this post and thought to yourself "'silent' and 'nursing career': those are two words that never go together".  Or maybe something like this: "Don't say the 'Q' word... something's bound to go wrong … [Read more...]

Buddy Ann Ross, ND, MS, BSN, RN, HNB-BC Joins Reiki Radio


Buddy Ann Ross developed a passion for holistic health, after her own immune system deteriorated from burn out while working in the emergency department in the mid 1990’s.    She learned that with a natural holistic integrative approach, her immune … [Read more...]

Why Travel in Your Nursing Career?


When you hear the terms 'travel' and 'nursing' together you may automatically think of a nursing career as a travel nurse. It's OK- I do too. And while travel nursing always seemed like a fantasy to me, something I dreamed of doing in my nursing … [Read more...]