Healthy Nurses Impact the Health of Our World


There is a lot of discussion these days on global disease. Public health. With viruses that travel overseas and infect our populations through the caregivers practicing healthcare; we have got to remain healthy as a nursing population so that we can … [Read more...]

The Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference Hosts Join Reiki Radio

Photographs for Jacqueline Ramsey,

Jacqueline Ramsey was struggling with chronic pain from a herniated disc in her neck when she decided in October of 2006 to start a daily routine of self-Reiki. Five months later she had her first pain free hour in three and a half years. She hasn’t … [Read more...]

Be Your Authentic Self: 3 Reasons Why Nurses Must Comply


No two people on this planet are exactly alike. Even twins. Yes, there is that 'twin thing' that happens where you can feel what the other twin is thinking. You get that 'intuitive hit' that your twin is experiencing something and you can feel it … [Read more...]

Step 4 in Nursing from Within™: Your Authentic Self

In a video from two weeks ago, we talked about appreciation. And how fun this can be. Allowing for appreciation opens us up for more great things that we can find to appreciate. Yet sometimes the nay-sayers view this as 'wishful thinking' or … [Read more...]